Since ancient times when dreams were interpreted for their predictions of the future,
to more recent psychoanalysis which offers an overabundance of intriguing symbolism,
the question still remains:

What Do Dreams Mean?

And especially for those of us who enjoy this website,
what does Dreaming About A Train really suggest about ourselves….

Here are a few ideas:

If you dream about trains it can mean your future is ‘on track’.
To dream of traveling indicates a change in your fortunes.

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If the journey is in a straight line, your good fortune comes swiftly.

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If the route is winding it may mean there are many distractions
or even a few obstacles to overcome before arriving at where you hope to be.

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It is particularly fortunate if the destination is towards high hills or mountains.

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If the train follows a fixed route, this dream may suggest
that you are being helped with your journey through life.

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To cross a bridge may mean you are overcoming many challenges.

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If the train is old in style perhaps your ambitions are rooted in traditional values.

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A more modern design may mean you are ready for the future.

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There can also be childish wishes, or dreams about having children.
(Trains, with tunnels, are often an image for a sexual metaphor)

Trains  00498954

Perhaps you still have some choices to make before arriving?

Trains  00dkjgnfepu43

Are you a conformist? Taking a public train in a dream often means
that the dreamer is not finding their own way forward and is behaving like everyone else.

Trains  00jvn;k44

If you dream of missing a train or passing your destination,
it may indicate that you feel that you have missed an opportunity.

“Oops.”  But don’t worry ~
There’s always tomorrow night and a nice soft pillow…

~ Mr Model ~



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