Petticoat Junction

Petticoat  00 1 aPetticoat  00 1 bPetticoat  00 2Petticoat  00 3Petticoat  00 4Petticoat  00 5Petticoat  00 7Petticoat  00 8Petticoat  00 9Petticoat  00 10Petticoat  00 11Petticoat  00 12Petticoat  00 13Petticoat  00 20

Come ride the little train that is rolling down the tracks to the junction
Forget about your cares, it is time to relax at the junction

Lotsa curves, you bet
Even more, when you get
To the junction
(Petticoat Junction)

There’s a little hotel called the Shady Rest at the junction
(Petticoat Junction)
It is run by Kate, come and be her guest at the junction
(Petticoat Junction)
And that’s Uncle Joe, he’s a movin’ kind a slow at the junction
Petticoat Junction

Petticoat  00 21



#PetticoatJunction #railroad #earlyTV #trains



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