Presidential Funerals

The very few who have held the very highest office in the United States, these unique and accomplished pragmatists and dreamers have each worked exceedingly hard to obtain this most exalted position. As we approach a new Presidential election, that is every bit as riveting, rollicking and scrappy as any in the past, it might be prudent to reflect on life’s ultimate outcome ~ that no president lives forever.

Most who have held this office have passed peacefully and comfortably as a result of ripening old age. However, some passed due to rapidly deteriorating health or even assassination.

With their earthly passing it is then when a State Funeral is held. A respectful somber service that is offered to console the immediate family. For those who worked and served closely with the deceased U.S. President. And, equally as important, a means for all of the citizens of the United States to honor their revered Presidential leader.

For a few U.S. Presidents their State Funerals included their physical bodies being transported across the U.S. by train. These Presidents of the railroad age and their Funeral Trains are respectfully presented on this website devoted to trains.

Because Robert F Kennedy died as a result of assassination while running for the office of President ~ and very likely would have won that election, and because his Funeral Train is one of the most impactful and memorable in recent history, his transport is also shown.

Lincoln  001Lincoln  002

Abraham Lincoln

McKinley  001McKinley  002

William McKinley

Harding  001Harding  002

Warren G Harding

F D R  001F D R  002

Franklyn D Roosevelt

R F K  001R F K  002

Robert F Kennedy




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